TradingView Pine Script Indicators

At AlgoCados, we’ve meticulously cultivated a garden of PineScript indicators for TradingView, designed not just to enhance your trading experience but to enrich it with the wisdom of financial markets, seamlessly blended with our unique approach.

Our indicators are the fruit of combining advanced algorithmic strategies with the timeless principles of trading legends like the Inner Circle Trader (ICT) and W.D. Gann, all while infusing them with the healthful spirit of AlgoCados.

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  • ICT Weekly Templates Dashboard

    39,99 350,00 

    The “AlgoCados x ICT Weekly Templates Dashboard” TradingView Indicator is a strategic tool that offers a systematic way to decode ICT Weekly Profiles. Based on 12 unique trading patterns, it serves as a roadmap to track the ICT Weekly profiles and keep the trader in sync with the Market.

  • W.D. Gann Anchored Square of 9

    39,99 350,00 

    The ‘AlgoCados x Anchored Square of 9’ indicator is a sophisticated trading tool designed for leveraging W.D. Gann’s Square of 9 methodology to predict critical support and resistance levels, offering a structured mathematical approach to identifying potential turning points in the market.