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The “AlgoCados x ICT Weekly Templates Dashboard” TradingView Indicator is a strategic tool that offers a systematic way to decode ICT Weekly Profiles. Based on 12 unique trading patterns, it serves as a roadmap to track the ICT Weekly profiles and keep the trader in sync with the Market.


The “AlgoCados x ICT Weekly Templates Dashboard” TradingView Indicator is a strategic tool that integrates ICT Weekly Profiles, offering traders a systematic way to decode market dynamics. It outlines 12 unique trading patterns, serving as a guide to predict market trends with enhanced precision. By breaking down the trading week into specific profiles, it signals potential shifts toward bullish or bearish trends, providing a clear framework for navigating market fluctuations.

With the AlgoCados Indicator, traders gain the ability to monitor weekly profiles in real time, assessing whether a pattern is likely to unfold or has been rendered invalid. This functionality is supported by an easy-to-understand table that lists all 12 patterns, simplifying the process of identifying current market scenarios and potential future movements.

Bullish Patterns Analyzed

Bullish Weekly Patterns include Tuesday Low of the Week, Wednesday Low of the Week, Consolidation Thursday Reversal (Bullish), Seek and Destroy Bullish Friday, Consolidation Midweek Rally, and Wednesday Weekly Reversal (Bullish). 

Bearish Patterns Analyzed

Bearish Weekly Patterns are identified as Classic Tuesday High of the Week, Wednesday High of the Week, Consolidation Thursday Reversal (Bearish), Consolidation Midweek Decline, Seek and Destroy Bearish Friday, and Wednesday Weekly Reversal (Bearish).

Technical Data Sheet

Category Details
Title AlgoCados x ICT Weekly Templates Dashboard
Short Title AlgoCados x ICT Weekly Profiles
Author @AlgoCados | All Rights Reserved
Publisher @AlgoCados | All Rights Reserved
Version Pine Script v5
License Mozilla Public License 2.0
Overlay True (integrates directly onto the price chart)
Max Lines Count 500
Max Labels Count 500
Recommended Use Timeframe: Up to 1-hour charts for optimal display of weekly patterns.
User Inputs Historical Data Visibility | Session Start Indicators | Session Opening Prices | Visual Customization (Line Styles, Colors, Text Properties)
Session Configuration Timezone: America/New_York | Predefined session times for weekdays
Visualization Components Intraweek Highs/Lows | Session Dividers | Opening Prices | Customizable Line Styles | Text and Label Customization
Functionality Dynamic plotting of trading sessions | Identification and marking of buyside and sellside activity | Real-time updates for session markers and POIs
Utilities Comprehensive customization options for visual elements | Utility functions for dynamic adjustments
Stats Table A dynamically updated table displaying a summary of the trading week’s activities
Session and POI Logic Advanced logic for the visualization of session starts, ends, and transitions
Core Purpose Tailored for traders aiming to dissect and understand weekly trading dynamics, with a focus on weekly market patterns
Indicator Configuration Overlay Design | Custom Inputs for session markers visibility and style
Weekly Trading Sessions Structured analysis for each weekday, adjusted for “America/New_York” timezone
Visualization of Weekly Patterns Intraweek Points of Interest | Dynamic Session Plotting
Customization and Dynamic Updates Visual customization for line styles, colors, and text properties | Dynamic updates to maintain accuracy
Enhanced Weekly Analysis Stats Table for summarizing trading week activities | Session Logic for capturing weekly trading patterns

Key Features and Configuration

User Inputs and Visualization Components: Traders can customize various aspects of the script, including the visibility of historical data, session start indicators, and session opening prices. Visual customization options extend to line styles, colors, and text properties, allowing for a tailored analysis experience that fits individual preferences. The script incorporates advanced logic for the dynamic plotting of trading sessions, identification, and marking of buyside and sellside activity, alongside real-time updates for session markers and POIs.

Session Configuration and Weekly Trading Sessions: Set for the “America/New_York” timezone, the script provides structured analysis for each weekday, with predefined session times that enhance the trader’s ability to analyze trading activities from Monday to Friday. This includes mechanisms for highlighting significant weekly price levels and a stats table that dynamically updates to display a summary of the trading week’s activities, offering insights into the effectiveness of weekly highs and lows as points of interest.

Customization and Dynamic Updates

The “AlgoCados x ICT Weekly Templates Dashboard” script stands out for its customization options and the ability to dynamically update in real-time as new price data becomes available. This ensures that the visualization of weekly patterns remains accurate and current, offering traders a powerful tool in their technical analysis arsenal. The enhanced weekly analysis features, including a dynamically updated stats table and session logic that captures the essence of weekly trading patterns, provide traders with nuanced insights into market sentiment, potential reversal points, and key levels of trader interest.

This script is designed to cater specifically to the needs of traders employing the Inner Circle Trader (ICT) methodology or those with a keen interest in understanding the weekly ebb and flow of market prices. Its extensive customization capabilities and emphasis on intraweek dynamics make “TSC x ICT Weekly Templates” an indispensable tool for traders aiming to refine their strategies and achieve a deeper understanding of market behavior throughout the week.

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